Thursday, October 31, 2013

Then and Now (10/31/13 Homework)

For this week's homework assignment, we had to go through our previous sketches and find 16 of our weakest poses. Once we selected our drawings, we were to redo them and make them better. I have included the original drawings to help show my progress and what I changed/fixed.

Jazzed! (10/30/13)

For this class session, we went back to Ballet Met to sit in on another session. This time, we sat through a jazz dance session which was a nice change from last time. They went over the intro for one dance number the whole session and we joked that we could do the dance ourselves after watching it for an hour.

Percussion Ensemble (10/28/13)

For this session, we went to the Percussion Ensemble at the Ohio State University. The performance was really well done and lasted about an hour-and-a-half. I tried to incorporate some of the instruments as well for reference.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Vampire Kind of Week (10/24/13 homework)

For this week's homework assignment, we had to design a vampire character. The first step was to draw a character in 30 seconds without thinking about it. The second step was to create a list of characteristics for vampires beyond the classic cliches. The third step was to then take our initial drawing and then spend 5 minutes to revise it. Once we had our character, we had to draw it in several different views to create a sort-of model sheet. The final step was to then draw the character doing four different actions in four different stages of the action for a total of 16 drawings.

Frozen Soccer (10/23/13)

For this session, we attended an OSU soccer game. We did not stay for the whole time since it rained earlier that day and it was about 41 degrees Fahrenheit. This time, I tried to draw smaller while still getting details.

I'm a pony (10/21/13)

For this class session, we attended the All-American Quarter Horse Congress at the Ohio State Fairgrounds. By the time we got there, most the events had already ended and we drew from two different horse judging competition events. I tried to draw the horse for each drawing if I could because we probably wouldn't be able to again for a while since winter is coming and the days are already getting colder.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Return to the Shadow Box (10/14/13)

For this session, we went to another rehearsal at the Shadow Box. This time it seemed like an actual play they were rehearsing instead of skits like last time.

Renaissance Festival (10/13/13 double session)

This session was a double session at the Ohio Renaissance Festival meaning we would skip two classes(10/9 and 10/16) for this session. This meant we also had to get at least 100 drawings while we were there. While there, the group I was with saw a jousting match, a pirate comedy sketch and a concert by the Tartan Terrors. Seeing the Tartan Terrors was a fun experience because one of the members was selling CDs and when they came by us, they asked us about our drawings and thought that it was cool that we were drawing the band. When they called for the member talking to us back on stage, they told their fellow band mates and they actually started talking to us from the stage and made requests. That is why a couple drawings have swords or beaks. It was one of the most fun experiences in this class to date.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Musical Gestures (10/11/13 homework)

For this week's homework assignment, we were to draw musicians from at least 3 different genres of music using video sources or watching them live. We were to do at least 4 pages of 4 musicians on each page for a total of at least 16 drawings.

 For the first page, I looked at a video from a rock band called Apocalyptica for their song "I Don't Care." (click here for video)

For the second page, I looked at a video from a bluegrass jam session at the guitar shop my brother works at. (click here for video)

Next, I looked at a video of the Eminence Symphony Orchestra performing "The Opened Way" from the video game "Shadow of the Colossus." (video here)

The last page is of Apocalyptica again, but this video was of their live performance at Wacken Open Air 2011. (video here)

Going Mad! (10/7/13)

For this class session, we attended a rehearsal at Mad Lab Theatre and Gallery for their production of Jim Azelvandre's "The Air Loom." During their break after act one, a few of the actors came over and talked to us about the class, our drawings and to see how we were enjoying their rehearsal. I also got to see one of my old high school friends who is in the production. It was a great experience and the actors seemed to be genuinely pleased with us being there. Here are the results for that session:

Friday, October 4, 2013

Rock Climbing *Bust* (10/2/13)

For this class session, we were told to meet at a local park where they have a rock climbing section. The session went well for the first half hour until all of the climbers left. Instead of calling it, we reconvened at the class room and did gestures of a Monty Python skit called "The Ministry of Silly Walks." For the last part of class, we were told to do basic shape and line gestures from an Olympics field and track video. Those drawings can be seen on the last image. Here are my drawings for this session: