Sunday, November 24, 2013

Zoo trip (11/24/13)

Instead of our usual class session for 11/25, we went to the Columbus Zoo. As part of our session, we were told to bring multiple medias so that we can get some variety in our drawings. Once we arrived, a small group of us decided to go to the aquarium in order to warm up.

Page: 1
Media used: Brush Tipped Marker
Number of Drawings: 24

After warming up, we went to another nearby exhibit featuring one of my favorite animals: manatees.

Page: 2
Media used: Pencil
Number of Drawings: 21

Once done, a member of our group wanted to go draw the apes, so we did. Not many types were out, but we did see some gorillas.

Page: 3
Media used: Pen
Number of Drawings: 17

Afterwards, another group member wanted to see elephants which were in the Asia section. The indoor area we sat in also had a rhinoceros, so I took the opportunity to draw both.

Page: 4
Media used: Fine Tipped Marker
Number of Drawings: 6

Page: 5
Media used: Colored Pencil
Number of Drawings: 5

The next exhibit we went to was across from the area we just left and houses several Asian animals.

Page: 6
Media used: Pen
Number of Drawings: 14

For this last exhibit, I wanted to go to the reptile house. Since I knew this would be the last exhibit we would go to, I used a slightly messier medium that would also force me to work quicker and with less detail.

Pages: 7 and 8
Media used: Charcoal
Number of Drawings: 14

Total Number of Drawings: 101

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Holidays at the Shadowbox (11/20/13)

For this class session, we went to the Shadowbox for the third and final time this semester. This time, they were rehearsing their "Holiday Hoopla" show which is a series of holiday related songs and skits. We got in time for the second act which was about an hour long so we had a shorter class session. Here are the results:

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Miranda July (11/18/13)

For this class session, we went to the Miranda July artist talk. Afterwards, we went back to the classroom and watched another video of an artist explaining their process of drawing gestures. Since those both took up a good portion of our class time, we did not do much sketching this session. What we did do though was draw some gestures from a french movie. Here are this session's sketches:

Thursday, November 14, 2013

More Opera! (11/14/13 Homework)

For this week's homework assignment, we had to do sketches from another Opera performance. I chose the Opera "Don Giovanni." The other part of the assignment is that we had to gesture scenes that include 2 or more people as well as the setting.

More Live Models (11/13/13)

For this class session, we worked with another model in-class. For the first 10 or so minutes, we watched a demonstration video that talked about one artist's method of approaching gestures. I took notes on the first page of sketches. Each pose done was held by the model for 2 minutes and are done in pencil.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Friday, November 8, 2013

More animals! (11/7/13 homework)

For this week's homework assignment, we had to draw 16 animals as well as including their environment. I labeled each animal next to their drawing.

Silhouettes (11/6/13)

For this session, we focused on creating silhouettes. For the first part, we used still images as reference. We started with long poses and moved into quicker ones. For the first page, I used markers for the longer poses.

As the poses got quicker, I switched to charcoal in order to fill the poses out quicker.

For the last part of class, we used video references of both a concert and a movie.

animals on parade (11/4/13)

For this session, the first thing we did was an exercise where we were told an emotion and we had to create a line of action that demonstrated that emotion.

Then we were to select 4 of those previous lines of action and do a basic gesture to flesh it out.

Once we were warmed up, we moved on to learning about how to do animal gestures using both instructional books and video sources.