Sunday, November 24, 2013

Zoo trip (11/24/13)

Instead of our usual class session for 11/25, we went to the Columbus Zoo. As part of our session, we were told to bring multiple medias so that we can get some variety in our drawings. Once we arrived, a small group of us decided to go to the aquarium in order to warm up.

Page: 1
Media used: Brush Tipped Marker
Number of Drawings: 24

After warming up, we went to another nearby exhibit featuring one of my favorite animals: manatees.

Page: 2
Media used: Pencil
Number of Drawings: 21

Once done, a member of our group wanted to go draw the apes, so we did. Not many types were out, but we did see some gorillas.

Page: 3
Media used: Pen
Number of Drawings: 17

Afterwards, another group member wanted to see elephants which were in the Asia section. The indoor area we sat in also had a rhinoceros, so I took the opportunity to draw both.

Page: 4
Media used: Fine Tipped Marker
Number of Drawings: 6

Page: 5
Media used: Colored Pencil
Number of Drawings: 5

The next exhibit we went to was across from the area we just left and houses several Asian animals.

Page: 6
Media used: Pen
Number of Drawings: 14

For this last exhibit, I wanted to go to the reptile house. Since I knew this would be the last exhibit we would go to, I used a slightly messier medium that would also force me to work quicker and with less detail.

Pages: 7 and 8
Media used: Charcoal
Number of Drawings: 14

Total Number of Drawings: 101

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